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Forum Hotels Resorts

Forum Hotels are the special place to be in Rhodes where value, quality and comfort, plus a friendly welcome, make every single visitor feel incredible

Visit Greece

Visit Greece and drift away to mythology, meet the Greek Gods and Goddesses, drink, eat, dance and share their joy. Visiting Rhodes is a must. The reasons extend from the great variety of archeological monuments through the magnificent sites and beaches to the extreme cosmopolitan nightlife. For every individual taste, for every individual age, Rhodes will provide satisfaction.

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Visit Rhodes

Visit Rhodes and let the God of Sun Apollo, protector of the Island, guide you around his temple and around the unique Old Town. Let Aphrodite of Rhodes, Goddess of Beauty, to swim with you in the golden bays of Lindos and let Dionysos, God of Wine, entertain you through the night till the early hours of the morning.

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